Our Work
Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen Remodel: This project involved updating a kitchen that was over 20 years old. All the appliances were replaced and the furniture arrangement was changed to create a more functional kitchen with a more modern aesthetic. The flooring was also changed and a new countertop was installed.
Terrace Remodeling
Remodeling of a terrace: In this project, it was about transforming a small and unused terrace into a pleasant and cozy space. A small outdoor kitchen was added and garden furniture and a parasol were installed to be able to enjoy the terrace at any time of the day.
Basement Remodel: In this case, it was about transforming a dark and unused basement into a cozy room. Windows were installed and adequate insulation was made to make the space warmer and more pleasant. A fireplace was also added and the floor was changed for a warmer and more pleasant one.
Another remodel we did recently was to a farmhouse. This project involved updating a house that had been built over 50 years ago and was in need of a complete renovation. The roof was changed, new windows and doors were installed and adequate soundproofing was made to improve the energy efficiency of the house. The floor was also changed and the electrical and plumbing system was renewed.